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About Me

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Education at BYU-Idaho in 2010, with a minor in French Education.  During my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a tutor for Spanish and French, and I also was a private tutor for both subjects for several months after graduating, until I started my Master’s degree at BYU.  For student teaching, I taught three classes of Spanish II and two classes of French I for one semester.

Each semester during my master’s degree I taught 1 to 2 classes, including Spanish 101, 101-102 accelerated, 105 and 106.  Along with teaching, each semester we were required to take a 1 credit course to help us improve as teachers.  This helped me to expand my repertoire of quality lessons and activities and to improve overall as a teacher.

I love teaching, especially the lower-level classes, such as 100 and 200 level classes.  I really enjoy teaching the basics and noticing the huge improvement that most students make during the first two years of a language.  I try to use technology a lot in my classroom but I also understand the importance of being prepared to give lessons without it.  I look forward to having a long career as a Spanish instructor.


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